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Lauren Fry

Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority Lynn University

In the beginning of the year, Devin Reaves made a presentation on alcohol abuse and hazing. It was a story about his Greek life experience at his prior university, Drexel University. Devin’s presentation focused on the dangers of binge drinking and touched on what happens when you haze in a fraternity. Looking around at all the faces of the Greeks that were at his presentation, there was a look of shock. I don’t think people realized the real dangers of binge drinking. I feel that it was very effective because it gave people a sense of reality. Everyone thinks that nothing bad will happen to them or their chapter. Well talking to Devin after, he thought that too. I, along with a lot of my sorority sisters and the fraternity brothers took a lot away from Devin’s presentation. I think that if Devin has the chance to make his presentation at other schools or at Greek life chapters, he should definitely do it.


Jonathan David Colon

ZBT Delta Eta Chapter President at Lynn University

I’ve known Devin Reaves for about two years now. He’s not only a student leader on our campus, but he is also an advocate for Greeks when it comes to educating them about the troubles of Greek life’s negative outlook in regards to hazing and pledging. Last semester, Devin put on a presentation that told the story of the misuse of alcohol and a group of his brothers that paid the price for it. As an advocate for Fraternal unity, brotherhood and sisterhood has meant a lot to him and I would highly recommend his presentation because he speaks not only from a Greek’s perspective, but from a student’s point of view. Devin is a gentleman, a Greek and a friend, and through him, his words and actions, both past and present, help Greeks in steering them towards a common goal that all organizations, preferably Fraternity and Sororities, live and abide by. Through the bonds of brotherly and sisterly love, we strive to survive and prosper in the hope of showing that we aren’t what our stereotypes make us out to be!


Annjanette M. Weaver

Coordinator of Student Involvement- Lynn University

I have had the privilege of working with Devin over the last year and a half at Lynn University.

Devin approached me during Lynn University’s pre-Orientation trip to the Adirondack Mountains in the summer of 2009. He was serving as a student leader on the trip after participating the year before. Devin wanted to share his story with me and with the Greek community at Lynn University.

Devin first went to college at Drexel University. While there, he joined a fraternity and made some bad decisions. While he served as the Pledge Master in Delta Sigma Phi, one fraternity pledge became paralyzed and another one died because of alcohol related incidents. Devin turned to drugs and alcohol and eventually left school and later entered rehab. He saw attending Lynn as his second change at college. He wanted to share his story with our Greeks so that they could learn from his mistakes.

Together we worked on what he should talk about and how best to go about doing this presentation. We set up a night for the Greek community to attend and Devin worked with his many mentors on campus to polish the presentation.

The night of the presentation, the students were glued. His story is extremely powerful—touching on the subjects of hazing, alcohol and drug abuse, risk management and decision making. Devin has a dynamic personality and his manner of speaking draws you in immediately. His presentation comes from the heart and I know that many other students could benefit from hearing his story.

Devin wants to bring his story to others. Please consider bringing him to your campus to speak to your students—I know you won’t regret it.

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