Every single overdose death is preventable. Recovery is possible for all people.

I’m an addictions counseling professional, and I want to bring a message of change to both public and private forums to focus attention on this epidemic and put a human face on the debate.

If you’re in Pennsylvania, this site will help you get involved in advocacy work. If you’re visiting from a different state, please message me so I can connect you with people in your community.

Current Legislation

Previously Supported Legislation


HB2090 was a comprehensive bill introduced in the House of Representatives in Pennsylvania that will provide both access to Narcan to first responders and people likely to witness an overdose.

Narcan is a drug that can reverse an opioid overdose.  Opioids include heroin, oxycontin, morphine and many other brand medications. Opioid overdoses block signals from the brain to the lungs and cause those overdosing to stop breathing. Narcan restores that signal, allowing those who take it to survive overdoses. This legislation would grant access to people other than medical professionals, including first responders and family members.

911 Good Samaritan Legislation offers immunity to people who call 911 to report a drug overdose or bring those suffering to the hospital for help. In Pennsylvania several bills have passed.

My advocacy partners and I developed an advocacy toolkit for you to take to legislators and other decision makers to help push for this policy. Click here to download them.

To contact your state rep to support this bill, click here.

Upcoming Events

The following is a list of upcoming advocacy events where I will be participating as a speaker or panelist: